Epic story, pocket proportions—seven actors share one tiny platform, just 3-by-7 feet of space, and upon it an original Superman tale unfolds. Set in a fictional 2050 Metropolis with a remarkable resemblance to Chicago, the show’s imaginative, resourceful cast members use only their bodies and voices to create every prop, scene, sound effect, and character in a battle between Superman and Lex Luthor for the future of the Midwest’s beloved high-speed rail network. Superman 2050 is bare-bones theater at its most physical and imaginative.


Superman 2050 was devised by Brittany Bookbinder, Melissa Cameron, Lily Emerson, Marc Frost, Thomas Kelly, Becky McNamara and Kathleen Wrinn, under the direction of Marc Frost and with guidance from Paola Coletto during Theater Unspeakable's 6 month residency with Links Hall. During that time, Marc taught the ensemble Jacques LeCoq's approach to the platform and other physical theatre techniques and then the ensemble collaboratively devised a new, futuristic live-action Superman comic performed by 7 actors on a 3'x7'' raised platform.

Brittany has performed in Superman 2050 as Jimmy Olsen/cloud/bookshelf/et al in Chicago (Chicago Humanities Festival, Donny's Skybox at Second City), New York (Lincoln Center, the Times Square International Theatre Festival), Washington DC (Kennedy Center), Minneapolis (Huge Improv Theatre), Milwaukee (Carte Blanche Studios), Philadelphia (IPAY), and in train stations throughout the Midwest.



Best of Chicago Fringe Theatre Scene in 2011

                   -- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune


“The well-worn [G-rated] frame is broken in only one instance, in the character of Jimmy Olsen, who is shown to be more than a little slavishly attached to the company of Clark Kent. At the finale, Brittany Bookbinder, in the role of Jimmy, emits such a hysterical shriek of complex delight when the Daily Planet employees are rejoined by the mysteriously absent-for-everything Clark, that it opens up all sorts of imaginative new perspectives on the saga.”

    -- Geoffrey Paddy Johnson, The Happiest Medium