Brittany grew up in a house on Long Island with her Italian mother, Jewish father, and undiagnosed depression. As a child, she spent a lot of time watching 90s sitcoms and Muppet movies. 

These days, she writes for the irreverent party game app, Evil Apples. She is a correspondent on The News* with Maggie Smith, a topical comedy show produced by the Second City Training Center. She also writes her own solo comedy which she performs around Chicago.

She has written 2 tv pilot scripts: Em and Daisy Save the World, an animated comedy that's Dr. Who meets Broad City, and GoSocial, which is like Veep, but about a top selling salesperson working at a daily deals company. She also writes and produces video shorts independently and with the iO Comedy Network.

She hosts the Killer Conversations podcast, produced through the iO Podcast Network. She performs regularly with the iO Harold Team Bad Bear, the CIC House Team Proud Parents, and in Slice of Pie: an improvised play in 2 acts at the iO Theatre.

Her plays have been produced at the iO Theatre, the Public House Theatre, and Episcopal High School of Jacksonville, FL. As an artistic collaborator with Theater Unspeakable, she co-created the physical theatre comedy Superman 2050, which she has performed around the country, including Lincoln Center in NYC and the Kennedy Center in DC. 

She holds a B.S. Theatre, a minor in Creative Writing and a certificate in Music Theatre from Northwestern University. Other training includes: the School at Steppenwolf, the British American Drama Academy Summer in Oxford program, clowning with Paola Coletto, Stephen Cone's Cinema Lab, the Second City Conservatory, and the improv programs at iO Chicago, CIC Theatre and the Annoyance.